BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

(Assessment Task 2: Part 1)

The Future of Education: Online Learning

I hope you enjoy my digital artefact pitch.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/DYhn3Cq9xrU

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mode of education has been changed from class to online. I was inspired by this “new normal” which has become a part of our daily routine. In my digital artefact, I am keen to find out how the mode of education would look like in the near and far future. The advance of educational technologies would make a different world. Would robotics replace our teachers to teach us?

In my pitch, I mentioned that the school workers, including the teachers, the parents and students would find my research useful. I would be able to collect feedback from my peers in BCM325 through my blog on WordPress. For public’s opinion, I can collect them through my Twitter and on my YouTube channel where I will share my pitch presentation.

Here is my production timeline for my digital artefact:

WEEK 2 – Research on the initial concept of my digital artefact

WEEK 3 – Prepare the pitch presentation video

WEEK 4 – Background research on academic resources

WEEK 5 – Draft the Beta

WEEK 6-7 – Prepare the Beta

WEEK 8 – Beta Due

WEEK 9 – Further research on my topic

WEEK 10 – Draft the digital artefact in video essay form and contextual essay

WEEK 11-12 – Prepare the video and contextual essay

WEEK 13 – Digital Artefact and Contextual Essay Due

Image Credit to Ben Blaschke at inside asian gaming (IAG)
Image Credit to SENG In Focus magazine (issue 32, P.22)
Image Credit to Soft Bank


Li, C. and Lalani, F., 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Education Forever. This Is How. [online] World Economic Forum. Available at: <https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/04/coronavirus-education-global-covid19-online-digital-learning/&gt; [Accessed 16 January 2021].

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4 thoughts on “BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

  1. It is an interesting topic that you are going to study on the method of learning in the future.

    As you have mentioned, the learning method keeps changing in recent years. From the time that we must go to school to now, we can learn everything at home. Or even by a smartphone only. We are a student now and experiencing the changes. Without a doubt, the way we learn and teachers teach is change a lot from the past. From writing on the blackboard to having zoom lessons. I can remember that while we are in primary school, we need to go somewhere to learn knowledge. And we are in secondary, teachers have encouraged us to seek knowledge online. Classmates are learning a new language by using the smartphone. Now, we are in university, learning by computer and having lessons by attending zoom.

    Pandemic is affecting our daily living, but at the same time, it is forcing us to have improvement on the way we teach and learn. Maybe your DA can help to tell me that is the changes benefit us or destroy us. No matter which side it is pushing us to, it will be a big turning point in teaching history. Maybe we do not need to back to school anymore even after the pandemic? Hope that I can get well prepared for the way we learn in the future by reading your DA! And here are two articles that I find may be helpful to you. “The future of learning and teaching: Big changes ahead” (https://www.rmit.edu.au/study-with-us/education/discover-education/the-future-of-learning-and-teaching-big-changes-ahead-for-education), “13 Ways Education Could Change In The Next 13 Years” (https://www.teachthought.com/the-future-of-learning/13-likely-realities-the-future-learning/). Cannot wait to enjoy your DA soon!

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    1. Interesting topic. I have mixed feelings about this topic. On one hand, I think physical classes are important for students to interact with their teachers as it is a good way to foster relationships and allow students to be more engaged with in-class activities. However, online learning could be better if the teacher does not put effort in their teaching. It all depends.

      I wonder what the differences will be with AI teachers, will it be any different from googling information ourselves? Will physical schools become redundant in the future and will they be online? This could mean a school could have teachers from all parts of the world (students as well!) What will this mean for the traditional school system?

      I have been seeing ads outside and on YouTube about online Universities which sound pretty cool, but it will be harder to implement with the lower education level. Not to mention the issues that have arisen with non-students attending or them asking for more funds than necessary because of them promoting themselves as more prestigious than they appear to be.

      Here are some resources that may be able to help you:
      1. https://elearningindustry.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-online-learning
      2. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/alexa-please-start-my-classes-online-only-schools-are-the-new-frontier-in-edu-sector/articleshow/80676236.cms
      3. https://progressive.org/public-school-shakedown/embezzling-unregulated-online-charters-thompson-200403/

      I would love to read about your DA in the future.

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  2. Clear and interesting topic, Katrina! No wonder every student (including us) are experiencing changing of the school place amid the pandemic. In my opinion, changing from school as well as physical learning to virtual learning does bring lots of conveniences, especially during the pandemic. It allows students and teachers learning and teaching at home that prevent the infection from physical touch and ensure students’ health as well as public health. However, it has its downside simultaneously. Learning outside the classroom may affect the engagement of students and follow by the teaching effectiveness. It reduces the interaction and connection between classmate and teacher which affect students’ interpersonal skills as well.

    Regarding your DA, it’s mentioned that the possible future of online learning. Thereby, it’ll be nice to see if the technologies can improve the way we’re learning or not. How current technologies such as AI, will be improved or be advanced in the future? What will be the influence after that? Or may there have any differences between different stages of education?

    It is good to see that you’ve included some academic resources for your DA. I also have a few suggestions for you and hope it could be helpful.

    Hope it could help and look forward to your DA!


  3. Hi Katrina,
    I think your pitch is great, “the new normal” is a hot topic for now, and we are all in part of it, I think many people will have interest in the topic, and you might bring us more idea of how online class takes us forward in the generation technology.

    The online course gives us pros and cons, we get into this new normal and using more technology for our classes, it does feel like we are going into the new generation, but Interpersonal relationship have become worst, people can’t have any interactive, we can only stay at home.

    I saw some information on our lecture 2, there are page taking about Imaginaries of the Future, and might help you to think about how this pandemic connect to the future, I also looked for some article that close to your topic, I hope this could help you, and I am looking forward to seeing your Digital artifact, Good Luck!

    Gigi Wong. (2020). The future is online learning. 16 Jun 2020, https://www.thestandard.com.hk/section-news/fc/4/220006/The-future-is-online-learning

    Mattea Bubalo, Laura Foster, and Kate Forbes. (2020). Are pandemics the new normal? , 4 January 2020, https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-55415763

    University of Illinois Springfield, Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning(2020), https://www.uis.edu/ion/resources/tutorials/online-education-overview/strengths-and-weaknesses/


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